Hong Kong Luxury Exchange Center by BrandOff

Expand your business with Hong Kong Luxury Exchange Center.
The new wholesale center is available only for business buyers and sellers, helps you connect with top luxury goods from Japan and all around the world.


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Please complete The following registration form by filling in your personal particulars. Upon receiving the applicaton form, censorship will be conducted to validate your eligibility. All infomation acquired will be kept stictly under our privacy protection system, and will not be disclosed under any circumstances unless having your authority.

For interested parties,please fill in the following form and return us via email.

Application Form

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Member’s Benefits.

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    Sell and Trade.

    Large turnover of branded jewelries, bags and watches.

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    No time or bid price restrictions.

    Able to take time to buy and check the product without worrying the date or bid prices.

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    Join our Japan Brand Auction.

    Exhibit and create your new market expansions at JBA. Check the latest market trends through successful bids at our auctions.

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    Expand your network.

    Grow your connection with us to find particular products, affiliations or so on to succeed your goal.

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    Various language support for foreign buyers.

    English, Cantonese, Chinese, Japanese speaking staff will support all the way to getting the products delivered to your door!